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Snack & Lunch Ideas
When packing lunches and snack choose items that can be easily eaten by your child. Items can not be heated but can be stored in refrigerator as needed. The following suggestions are provided as a guideline.​ If your child is having problems with a certain item the teachers will let you know. Be creative, make it easy and share your ideas!

Fruits & Vegetables: Strawberries, Sliced grapes, Sliced bananas, Apples (sliced for younger children), oranges, sliced melons... Mini Carrots, Mini Celery sticks, Cucumbers, sweet peeper slices, snap peas... 

Cheese: Any kind, including Swiss cheese, American cheese, cream cheese, cheese sticks, slices, cubes, etc...

Grains: Teddy Grahams, Crackers, Saltines, Graham Crackers, Mini Cookies, Fig Newton's, Animal Crackers, Nilla Wafers, Triscuits, Wheat Thins, Cheeze-Its, Ritz crackers, Mini Muffins, Goldfish, Nutri Grain bars, Pretzels, Tortillas or Wraps,

Protein : Ham, Chicken, Turkey. Children love items rolled up so they can easily eat them. 

Enrichment OpportunitiesParent's CornerHealth & Nutrition

  • Hot Dogs
  • Nuts
  • Donuts
  • Candy
  • Chewy and hard to swallow
  • Whole apples for younger children

Anything you bring in that is not safe for our preschool will be returned to you.