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It's more than just a catchy motto - play is a child's work. Hover over each center to get a brief description of what your child is learning as they play in the center.
"Little Pilgrim Preschool is like home to us; the teachers are like family. They create a loving, caring, and nurturing environment. I'm constantly amazed at what my children are learning, and they don't even realize it because they are having so much fun. This is our second year at LPP and we'll definitely be there for two more."
- Shellby Kemper
"Little Pilgrim Preschool is AWESOME!!! Great caring and experienced teachers and parents."
- Laura Sherman
"Stayed in the Red Room for a while and had such a wonderful time seeing all of the things that our kids are doing; they are learning their addresses, phone numbers, and birth dates (most of them have memorized them already), they all know the months of the year, the different seasons, and they just started learning about coins. We played for a while when they split up in different groups, some working on a special project, some getting special attention on something they are having difficulty with, and others just playing and learning to share.
-Ana Palacio

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Books in a Basket
Every month we get a special visit from Ms. Ronnie, a volunteer at Selby Public Library. She brings a rotating collection of library books for the classrooms and reads to the children for 30 minutes. Their goal is to encourage children to become life-long readers by placing books directly into their hands for the joys, adventures, and enriching experiences that books can bring. There is NO cost to us!